We implement what has been learned in the form of real creative work of innovative and effective for humans, nature, and be accountable to the Creator.


we share knowledge and experience in studying and developing and utilizing technological or creative and innovative products to the surrounding environment.


we are involved in a wide range of collaborative projects or real activity as a form of self-competency test themselves with the principles of sportsmanship and team fun.

We have a vision that we remain focused on course to maximize the use of IT to balance life between man, nature, and the Creator in the form of learning, IT products, share knowledge and experiences also collaborate in the field of integrated creative insdutri. To achieve our goal, then we abandon the idea as a reference measure of our boundary lines for the movement that became MISSION which we assert our community in the form of a tag line or slogan that we make as a culture of the work environment in our community that is ~ Learn, Work, Live , and Play.

— Muhammad Azzqi at Twitter

Our Team

We continue to enjoy learning (Learn) strongly and keep up with technology, until we can work (Work) with a passion for creating innovative and efficient work, then share the happiness of utilization technology for life (Live) better, and we are pleased to participate are also involved in various collaborative activities like play (Play). Here we are from website programing division

Muhammad Azzqi

User experiences

Ahmad Hajar

Web developer

M. Nur Asri

Web designer

Dian Pamungkas

UI designer
"We maximize the use of IT for balance live among humans, nature, and the Creator."

OTAKstudio Team


We maximize the use of IT by creating two categories of products that are Independent Products & Orders Product each form of education products, goods & services, social product, the product of collaboration. Independent product is an innovative product created and developed in the form of a business unit or trademark under each existing department or subdivision. Order products are products that we offer in accordance with the needs of consumers in the utilization of information technology in the field of integrated creative industries. Each of the product categories we create in the therapy of 9 departments formations there to be more focused and in accordance with the maximum concentration of creative industries field of science & technology of integrated information such as programming, design, game, multimedia, software, hardware, internet service solution, data processing, security.

Here are some of the few examples of our products.

Keep learning, build something, share happiness, in collaboration


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